Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire’s emotional fathers day message is a must-read for every feminist

I usually won’t do this but this year I’m super thankful to God for completely healing my Dad and keeping him safe.

The past three years have been the scariest part of my life

We were in and out of the hospital every other week. At times I would be on set at midnight and I would get a call that my Dad has been rushed to the hospital. I have never felt so helpless, unhappy and sad in my entire life like I felt these past years.

I cried every other night, prayed, and fasted.

Things were especially bad when I would reflect on everything my father is to me while growing up. My Dad was never too busy to give me pep talks. … I remember how as a child I would have lice in my full thick hair and this man would grind camphor; sit me down; apply it section by section, and then tie it with a scarf for some time before helping me wash it off.

He would help me with homework from school and go to PTA meetings because he wasn’t the type of man who felt It was the job of a woman.

During Christmas… when I put on the dress my Mum bought for me, my Dad will be singing praises saying ‘My Princess’.

He isn’t a perfect man. Don’t get me wrong because the beatings I got from him is a story for another day”

There were times he will drag you to school or when you’re in class he will show up and ask the teacher to bring you in front of the class and disgrace you. In his words “NO CHILD OF MINE WILL BRING ME SHAME”. He was tough like that, even on me. My high school friends can attest to my tough father’s attitude (now he is old and has calmed down so I can do whatever I want lol).

But as I grew up I realized that his toughness made me a better woman, made me content with whatever God brings my way. I am not a competitive person and never want to live a life above my means just to prove a point to people because my father instilled those values in me.

Every time I feel like reacting about something even as an adult, I can hear a voice still ring in my head saying “WILL DADDY BE PROUD?”

To those who have stepped on my toes, made false accusations about me, it’s my father I fear that’s why I ignore drama and never responded.

Hurting my Dad is like shooting myself dead. Everyone close to me knows that I am a Daddy’s girl.

Happy Fathers Day to the best man in my life.


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