Nokia may have lost the smartphone market but 5G may be their redemption

At an analyst event during MWC Shanghai, Markus Borchert, president of Nokia Greater China & CEO of Nokia Shanghai Bell, said the company is sealing commercial agreements for their 5G technology due to the company’s end-to-end network capabilities and enterprise expertise.

“So far we have 43 commercial 5G agreements closed globally, all around the world, whether here in Asia, in the Americas, in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.”

“We’re really showing that Nokia has momentum, Nokia is here and Nokia is strong and leading in 5G, powered by the strength of our end-to-end portfolio.”

Nokia has a competitive edge over rivals due to the enterprise relationships they have built over the years and the faith businesses have in the quality of their products.

Even though the company has distanced itself from a recent comment by their CTO that Huawei 5G kits are substandard, it is worthy to note that quality is a selling point Nokia will want to push.

In a sense, 5G is ground zero for networking technology. It is not merely a new frequency but a totally new technology and companies that have the sort of end-to-end experience Nokia and Huawei has are the ones who will dominate that space.

According to Borchert, the novelty of 5G and it’s infrastructural requirements “really plays to the strengths of Nokia with our end-to-end portfolio. We have all the elements that are needed to build and operate 5G networks,”.

The battle to control 5G with all of its attendant challenges for Huawei in the US means Nokia has a unique opportunity to reinvent itself as the leader in that space.


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