Party footsoldiers can’t push me to do a song against gov’t – Sarkodie

Sarkodie has kicked against party activists questioning the fact that he has not done any song against the Akufo-Addo led administration in spite of economic challenges like he did under the NDC administration. The musician says he won’t be pushed into making a song but rather he will make one when he feels the situation calls for it.

“If you are a party follower don’t pour your frustrations on me to go to the studio… I was pushed to record, not by tweets but what I felt within me personally” Sarkodie posted on Twitter.

Non-aligned celebrities come under this sort of attack all the time especially when they have been political in the past. It will be recalled that Sark did a song against the then Mahama administration decrying harsh economic conditions and many believe it was such protest that led to the eventual loss of the NDC in elections 2016 even though there’s no scientific basis for such claims.

Celebrity activism, especially in politics, is a zero-sum game in most cases. The election of Donald Trump in the US and Brexit are two scenarios that show that when a celebrity gets involved in politics no matter how respected they are, it normally backfires. People seem to not want to be told by actors or musicians how they must vote.

In the case of Sarkodie, he won’t get away with a song against an NDC government for long. His fans who are sympathetic to the NDC will keep pushing that he levels the playing field by releasing another one of his hot tunes to give Akufo-Addo sleepless nights.

For now, he says he doesn’t feel like it and fans have to respect that.


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