Sending nude pictures is not the problem, the problem is our understanding of privacy according to this sexting expert

Amy Adele Hasinoff is a sexting expert (not an expert sexter) and at a TEDx event, she had an insightful talk about sexting and why people are focusing on the wrong things when they try to prevent people from sexting completely.

According to Amy, there’s nothing wrong with sexting which essentially is two people sharing nude pictures of themselves. She admits it is risky to send nude pictures of yourself to someone, but as long as you are sending it to someone who wants to receive it, there’s no problem. That’s what gender and sexual studies folks like to call consent.

Amy argues that the focus of society especially the media should be on consent and digital privacy.

The issue of sexting is an extremely big deal especially with the possible leakage of such material when two consenting adults run into problems.

The Odumase Krobo Circuit Court in the Eastern region convicted a certain Prince Teye for publishing obscene images of his girlfriend in a case of revenge porn—one of the dangers of sexting—less than a week ago.

The enormity of the problem of revenge porn leaves only one solution—abstain—but Amy begs to differ.

In other jurisdictions, the real danger for sexters is the charge of child pornography. According to researchers at the University of New Hampshire, seven percent of all child pornography possession arrests are teens, sexting consensually with other teens. As a result, parents are bluntly telling their children to never sext but the possibility of them sexting increases dramatically as they grow older. It will be wise to equip our children with the right mindset about consent, privacy, and respect so that even if they decide to sext as adults, they will be prepared in a way that reduces the risk if not eliminate it entirely.

Also, lawmakers must strengthen privacy laws so that the Prince Teyes of this world will learn not to upload nude photos and videos of their exes online.

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