The St. Augustine’s College win didn’t happen in a vacuum, they followed a powerful blueprint

St. Augustine’s College was not part of the 2018 National Science and Maths Quiz. Yes, the school that just won the prestigious Science and Maths competition did not qualify for last year’s competition. While people celebrate the success of St. Augustine’s College, it is worthy to note that they came from a no-show to win just a year down the line.

In contrast, Black Stars coach Akwasi Appiah boldly asserted that his team always had a bad start and even as the man responsible for the success of the senior national team, he didn’t seem to see anything wrong with that kind of thinking.

The Black Stars have not been successful in an AFCON campaign for well over three decades and there’s been no change in thinking, strategy, and tactics for all those decades. The fact that the coach of the Tunisian side that kicked the Stars out of the ongoing AFCON changed his side’s goalkeeper seconds into the penalty shootouts, and our team didn’t should tell you that we were not prepared for that eventuality but the Tunisians were.

St. Augustine’s College could have had the luxury of just showing up this year and no one would have complained but something happened.

The 1993 year group of APSU (that’s the old students’ arm of the school) having knowledge of the fact that Augustine’s didn’t make it to the NSMQ last year, built and inaugurated a new Science Block they christened National Science and Maths Quiz Center.

The new Science Block built by the 1993 Year Group of APSU

This single act, considering the amount of investment that may have gone into the building, marked the beginning of the stunning feat Newton and his pals achieved yesterday.

The need to see opportunity in the direst of circumstances and the proverbial courage to rise from the ashes of failure like a phoenix, are more like cliches now. We all know but rarely do we put them to use. We have become a talking generation with no zeal to achieve anything beyond the comfort of social proof. Everything we do in this generation is for likes and accolades but the students of St. Augustine’s College shows us that even in this age, it is possible to follow the long-established wisdom of grit.

The students who brought St. Augustine’s College from no-show to success also teaches us that when others show faith in our cause, we must take that faith, appreciate it and use it as fuel to soldier on in our endeavors.

The new science block is akin to the millions our government commit to the Black Stars but the Stars don’t know what these students know.

The support of the students’ body, past and present is akin to the millions who sit behind their TV sets (jobs abandoned) to watch the Stars play but the Stars don’t know what these students know.

Grit is the perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals. Sometimes you will hear grit referred to as mental toughness. Angela Duckworth, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, suggests that grit is a strong predictor of success and ability to reach one’s goals and the students of St. Augustine’s college were full of it.

Congratulations champions!


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