Bolt (formerly Taxify) launches Plate. Face. Share campaign to improve security for riders

Security is becoming a challenge for ride-hailing apps

Bolt is launching a campaign to improve the security of its users called Plate. Face. Share. The campaign encourages riders to check the license plates of cars first; the look at the face of the driver to confirm he/she is the same person on the app, and then finally share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with your family and friends.

This has become necessary with a current wave of security threats on the lives and properties of ride-hailers.

6 months ago an unverified video of the story of a young man who says he almost got killed by an Uber driver and his accomplice, a second man who was hiding at the back of the car, went viral on social media especially WhatsApp. A few weeks after, Uber launched a similar security campaign for users. Bolt, which was then Taxify was not as popular and the fact that it’s now second to Uber in popularity and is launching a campaign on user security means the problem is one that users must take seriously.

These measures are seemingly easy to follow but the moment you are stressed out after a terrible Accra experience or after a day’s work and you are in a hurry to hit your bed, you may throw caution to the wind and put yourself in danger.

It is important that as ride-hailing app users we take our personal security with the same seriousness we take with traditional taxis instead of depending solely on the companies for our safety.


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