You can get over 5GB of MTN data for only GHC12 ― yes, believe it!

A far better deal than GHC10 for 1GB for one week

I happen to be a cheap thrills freak. You can’t blame me too much because honestly, life in Accra is f**ing hard and unless you can bean-count on every pesewa you spend, surviving in this city is out of the question.

Kumasi or other Ghanaian cities are cheaper, way too cheaper in terms of everyday things and even rent when you compare rates with what we are forced to pay in Accra, you will understand why sometimes it feels like Accra is designed to send people to hell. Look, this is not funny; Accra is too expensive and well, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

But. But. When it comes to data, we are all in the same soup. The ripoff affects you whether you live in Tamale, Bunpurugu or next door Abeka Lapaz. It just doesn’t matter because everywhere you go (pun intended) MTN has a net wide enough to pull notes and even coins out of your pocket.

Now let’s get down to business.

If you happen to spend a lot of data, there’s a little know MTN package that can give you more than 5GB of data for a cool 3 days for an even cooler GHC12.

Let me put this into perspective for you.

MTN charges GHC10 for 1GB on a normal day. On a not so normal day, you will have to pay through your nose to be able to watch a full movie on Netflix. So when I tell you that you can get more than 5GB data for a cooler GHC12, you should open both hands to receive. This is abundance in a post MTN new world.

To get started, make sure you have GHC12 in your credit account. You can’t buy with mobile money so if you normally buy data with mobile money, simply buy the credit instead.

Once you have the credit in your account, dial *141#. Select option 3 (2.5GB 3-day pack). That package will give you about 4.5GB for 3 days and on the third day, MTN will give you another 1GB bonus, making a total of about 5.5GB.

This is a far better deal than many of the daily or weekly packages MTN has on offer because, for about 5 days, you get to enjoy 5GB of data in peace.


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