Podcasting is picking up in Ghana, it’s time to get started

It’s the best tool to sell information

Podcasting is catching up slowly in Ghana, with a number of pastors, churches, and individuals set up already on various platforms.

In every new industry, you are sure to find pioneers and the podcast ecosystem in Ghana is not any different. We can mention Jay Smoke who runs the JC Cafe Show and DJ Black’s Podcast, both of them syndicating their radio shows as a podcast; then we have Bishop Dag Heward Mills, Eastwood Anaba, Bishop Tackie Yarboi, Mensa Otabil, and a host of other Lighthouse pastors using their sermons as podcasts.

Very popular preachers globally have gotten to the height of their ministries by adopting podcasts early because it’s the easiest way to connect with your congregation with less cost almost every day if you so wish.

One of the early adopters in Ghana, who had championed that revolution in a slightly different way is BKC Consulting CEO, Bernard Kelvin Clive.

Clive began podcasting in 2011, the first Ghanaian to start and host a show, solely for podcast purposes. Not a radio show or sermon repurposed as a podcast online, but a purely podcast show.

He began with a weekly personal development message, then added interviewing experts globally. He runs the #1 ranked business & career podcast called Personal Branding with Bernard Kelvin Clive.

One of his biggest interviews was with internet wise-man Seth Godin whose blog is about the most influential when it comes to permission marketing.

Clive has since been helping pastors and individuals set up and run podcast shows with his monthly podcast Masterclass.

Today, as we celebrate podcast pioneers and say thank you to them for championing such an important tool for information dissemination, we encourage you to sign up for the BKC’s monthly Podcasts Masterclass.

Podcast in Ghana is catching fire. It’s about time you get yours started.

Disclosure: The writer works as Creative Director for BKC Consulting.


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