Mysteries of old age: Planning towards a befitting retirement

What a good pension can add to a person’s life

I have always been greatly fascinated by how people grow into their old age.  A signpost by Petra Investment Company at the Shangri-la bus stop in Accra reads “Do your future self some good, start investing”.

This is to remind all and sundry that as we move from one  place to the other trying our possible best to cause a change in our lives and make life better, we should also not forget that our body will one day slow down a bit and we wouldn’t be able to do the normal functions that we could do in a twinkle of an eye.

One question that mostly doesn’t stream through many people’s minds is the necessity for preparing towards a self-satisfying old age or retirement.

Most people fail to realize that just like making efforts in any development in our lives in the same vain it is also very necessary to make conscious efforts towards old age. Old age is a very tiring stage as most people in this state could barely do youthful activities. Interestingly, you find some of the old folks in trotro and other public transports fighting with the mates for coins of change.

In the early days of some older men and women, enough help and advice weren’t available.

Dr. Mensah Otabil founder and overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) at the 2019 Springboard Roadshow organized by Mr. And Mrs. Albert Ocran at the National Theatre elaborated on how intellects equipped with skills is essential when planning towards old age.

Accomplishing something in life before you have reached your old age is very relevant.  The next time you initiate anything in your life, don’t forget to save some, invest, engage in other beneficial businesses aside government so that old age doesn’t become torture to you.


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