On Kanye West, Christians must proceed with caution — and lots of prayers

“He Who Truly Sees Jesus Does Not Go Back To Herod”

When the wise men went to Herod they were told to look for the king so they will bring him back word; Herod said he also wanted to go worship. But you know what, when they saw the child Jesus they never returned to Herod.

“He Who Truly Sees Jesus Does Not Go Back To Herod” Matthew 2:3

In the 2000s it was Mase Bertha who came out to say that he was born again, I remember preachers who used the story of his conversion in a magazine for evangelism.

He started a church and pastored until he decided to return to his former state of secular rap.

I have personally heard him say in interviews that he was carried away and that he shouldn’t have been a pastor; that he was fighting an apparent extreme with another extreme. The bottom line is that Mase went back.

Recently, Ofori Amponsah said he had become born again here in Ghana and that God had made him a prophet. I watched him display theatrics to that effect.

Instead of staying under a vintage church that would disciple him he also came out saying he is a prophet. Fast forward the premises of the church has been converted to a “drinking spot”, a place where alcoholic beverages are served. Some charismatic pastors hungry for crowds gave him the chance to come preach and he felt set in his own eyes. Today, he is no longer a pastor and has returned to his former job as a secular artiste.

Waje the Nigerian musician walked closely with the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa reputed to be the father of Pentecostalism in Africa. She sang and saw all the “miracles” but still went secular (Note: there will be another day to discuss secular as it relates to this article) after the man died.

Even on the music scene in the United States, we have seen several people who come to experiment with Christianity and then go back after they achieve what they want.

The last time it was R Kelly who worked on a whole gospel album and then got church folks dancing and hailing. It wasn’t long he returned to business as usual.

Then Snoop Dogg got on with Rance Allen the ace gospel musician. After winning awards with that song he left and went back.

The latest we have now is Kanye West. With all due respect, don’t come commenting with the mantra “thou shalt not judge” I’m not here to judge no one I am only recounting something I have observed.

As usual, people are so quick to put him in front of crowds, so he still feels comfortable about everything. He left crowds and it’s just been replaced. No one needs Kanye to authenticate Christianity because he is just like any soul who says he has become born again.

His wife says people who are not okay with regular service because they feel it’s judgemental are cool with Kanye’s services. Whatever that means!

Some others are even postulating that he is a prophet called along with some other folks to salvage some people in this end times.

I beg to differ, most Christians are so gullible they can’t refer to history to predict whatever is happening today.

I am of the opinion that Kanye should be discipled first before all these shows. We have seen it play out several times and this can’t be so different. In all what we hope is God will help his church and take it away from any seeming deception.

I see the excitement, I see people quoting him all over who won’t bother to quote Spurgeon, Tozer, or George Whitefield; people we know in history who were Christians till they left this earth.

Lastly, if Kanye is not discipled and he ends up like Mase, R Kelly, Ofori Amponsah or Waje, it affects the faith of many.

I have come to understand that salvation is of the Lord and even if you walked with icons believed to be the nearest to God you must receive Christ for yourself.

If these guys were truly saved they won’t really go back! If you say a prayer, pray not only for Kanye but the various people accepting and confessing Christ as Lord and personal savior.


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