Signs you’re about to enter the friend zone

You better step up

Being in the friend zone is one of the most disappointing things, whether you’re a girl trying to win over your crush, or a boy, desperately trying to become a boyfriend. Either way, it’s not fun and will bring down even the most cheerful person.

But even with such a delicate matter, there are things that can help you avoid this whole disappointing experience, signs that will prepare you for the things to come. Watch closely, if your crush is showing any of these, it’s time to face the truth – you’re being friend-zoned!

He/she tells you the embarrassing stuff

There are two kinds of people you share your most embarrassing moments with – your parents, because, you know, they’ve seen you at your worst, and friends because you don’t need to look good in front of them – they’ve seen you at your worst, too! That’s why if a guy/lady is sharing all the messy stuff with you, it means he/she sees you only as a friend.

They say you’re cute, but nothing more

They may appreciate the way you look in a friendly way, but you’ll never hear anything more than simply ‘cute’ from them. He/she finds you adorable, but not desirable enough to move things to the next level. No matter how much you try to dress up, they just never notice those efforts!

You hang out together but never date

There’s a huge difference between lounging together from time to time and going on an actual date with dressing up and making an effort to create something beautiful together. You definitely know the difference! So, if you meet frequently, but have never been on a romantic date, chances are you’re being totally friend-zoned.


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