Video: Political Science students cheer on defiant Prof. Gyampo

Going to class on the day a damning allegation of sexual harassment hangs on your head can only come from faith

Prof. Ransford Gyampo has denied any wrongdoing in the soon-to-be-released BBC documentary that exposes university lecturers across West Africa’s prestigious universities who solicit for sex in exchange for grades. Saying you are innocent is one thing but being bold enough after such allegations to go to class is a whole new level.

The defiant professor decided to show up to boos, cheers and even admiration from students who obviously have seen the BBC report on sexual abuse.

Prof. Gyampo is at the center of a social media storm over sex for grades allegations captured on tape in a brand new BBC expose where he allegedly requested to kiss a student who came to him for help and even asked her to marry him.

There have been mixed reactions so far with some saying the video doesn’t say much to impugn the professor’s integrity—an overwhelming majority of social media comments disagree.

The title of this story has been corrected to reflect what actually happened in the video.


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