This is terrible, funny and unacceptably confusing

Cheating wahala: girl beat up boyfriend for cheating

This is terrible, funny and unacceptably confusing

Oh, love, love, love, love sometimes is better to just say no to these guys when they tell you that they want to have a relationship with you? Because after knowing that they are playing with your heart and the heart of others it can be very devastating.

This is is the story of a University of Ghana female student who has allegedly dated her fiancee for 3 months before getting a hint from the guy’s friends that he was just playing with her heart.

Some people don’t take such stuff pretty lightly. She confronted him about it and this guy who is popularly known on Instagram as @greyyy.o bluntly denied everything. He was even feeling reluctant to explain what was going on. He is a mastermind and has been on top of his game for all he knows until this lady got to know about it.

Just like most ladies, she really slapped the hell out of this guy hoping the guy might give her an explanation but to no avail. As she continued her confrontations friends in that room with both of them just looked on as she lamented about her ordeal.

Anyone who tries to calm her down even aggravated her the more. In the end, they just had to let her be. She recounted numerous promises this guy has given her and the pain it has caused her.

This whole issue wouldn’t have had any different ending as this lady who is heartbroken decided to rain curses on the guy for wasting her time, stressing her life and for loving him too much.

Mostly when you enter into a relationship and your friends sense any danger they will try to warn you about it but because of the emotional feeling you have for that person you totally ignore it all and await the possible danger all in the name of love. It gets heart saddening when you can’t let go because you have loved this person to the crevices. Mostly you think you wouldn’t be able to get someone whom you will love just like you did with the other person but that is just your framework of thinking deceiving you. This is exactly what this lady is going through.

A relationship can be sometimes complicated. You love someone but that person is also in love with somebody else.  It is even sadder when you are in a relationship alone hoping and wishing things will work out but they keep on getting tougher and tougher.

You will never wait in vain for no love keep on wishing on your wishing stars as long as we live there are brighter days ahead.

Every day I ask myself WHY IS LOVE UNFAIR?


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