Yeah, the girl's parents were in the lecture hall

University guy in trouble for impregnating a girl

Yeah, the girl’s parents were in the lecture hall

On a normal beautiful day when lectures are busily ongoing and every student is in class hoping to get an understanding of what was being taught, one student was rounded off by parents inside a lecture room.

According to the mates of the said guy, he had actually impregnated his girlfriend and this made the parents of lady take up that initiative.

He was drove out of the lecture hall by his girlfriend’s parents amidst hooting and shouting from his mates who were obviously happy and couldn’t wait for what will happen next

Sometimes loving someone doesn’t only have to mean you sleeping with them. There are so many avenues and ways of showing love. Don’t just love them because of the amazing positions you explore with them anytime you are together intimately. That isn’t love in most instances unless you too have consented to live with whatever comes up as you venture into it.

To most university guys who are being looked after by your parents, what life can you offer her after her pregnancy? Be wise and stop demanding for sex when you know full well the end result can be aggravating.

Ladies, love is blind and love is pain  but don’t lose yourself in the process of loving someone. They can continue their education or life when anything happens but you will leave with the burden, neglect and shame forever.

In the end, we will all agree with Akwaboah the musician for saying that “love is unfair ” because is it very difficult to know if the person you are with is in love with you or just exploiting you.


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