Wow, they have been waiting for far too long!

Dutch family found living in hidden room for 9 years waiting for endtime

Wow, they have been waiting for far too long!

Six adult children and a man believed to be their father were discovered living in a covert room on a farm in the Netherlands after the oldest sibling escaped and sought help at a local pub, authorities say.

The saga began when a disheveled 25-year-old man with “long hair,” a dirty beard” and “old clothes” entered Café De Kastelein, a small pub in the rural village of Ruinerwold owned by Chris Westerbeek, on Sunday and ordered five beers.

The bar owner told reporters that the confused-looking man told him (Westerbeek) that he had just escaped captivity in his family’s home, where he had been held for the past nine years while “waiting for the end of time”. “He said he was the oldest and wanted to end the way they were living,” Westerbeek said.

Westerbeek then called the police, who responded, went to the farmhouse and discovered a small, secret staircase behind a cupboard in the living room that led to an area where the family lived, including six siblings between the ages of 18 and 25 and their alleged father, whom, reports suggest, may have been bedridden due to a stroke.

“There are many speculations about what happened,” Drenth Police wrote on Twitter after the case received widespread media coverage. “A team of investigators is investigating possible criminal offenses. We want to do this carefully and cannot answer everything immediately.”


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