The action never stops in Sylvester Stallone’s final Rambo film – Last Blood

The trailer for the latest in the John Rambo series opens on a beaten, desert landscape, one that fits right in line with the theme song “Old Town Road.”

The original Rambo movie, First Blood, hit theaters in 1982 and confronted post-war PTSD, the series evolved into a Gen X action franchise people know today. “Old Town Road” with its video game and Soundcloud origins, meme status, and virality is an anthem of Gen Z. Combined, we get … Rambo: Last Blood.

Rambo: Last Blood is the fifth Rambo film, in which Stallone’s iconic character travels to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter from a drug cartel.

The film has been in the works since 2008 and gone through many iterations and names. (At one point, Rambo was going to fight a wolfman super soldier!). The final plot hews a little closer to the John Rambo stories people know: full of vengeance, murky politics, and plenty of bloodsheds to get the job done.

The thing is, we all can’t wait but we have to.

The movie comes out on Sept. 20


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