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Daily Accra through relevant news on politics, business, entertainment, fashion, tech, health, sports and a variety of content, throws light on what truly matters and what will help make informed opinions about the issues.

Who we are

Daily Accra is a news media company that has reported on Ghana and Africa for more than two years with national impact. Founded in 2016, Daily Accra is headquartered in Accra, where it is the online news portal of record. Our teams span across Ghana and West Africa, working together to connect with news consumers around the world. We are committed to informing and inspiring through journalism of the highest standards. Our vision is to “Promote Relevance”, and our mission is to “Lead the global conversation about Ghana”

What we do

We develop news content 24/7, driven by world-class journalists, editors, visual artists, photographers and videographers, all guided by the principle of “Truth and Fairness”. Our editorial teams are powered by emerging digital technologies that allow us to create innovative ways to tell Ghana’s most important and compelling stories. Against the backdrop of shifting discovery and consumption behaviours, Daily Accra reaches users across distributed media platforms including dailyaccra.com, smartphone and tablet apps, social media and messaging platforms, as well as our magazine.