Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister says Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world

Nigeria has more HIV-infected babies than ANY country in the world. It is the most dangerous place for women to have children in the world and it’s the poverty capital of the world.

These and many more negatives form the thread of former Nigerian Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode in a Twitter post that has been 196 times.

Mr. Fani-Kayode was the same man who has engaged in a Twitter brawl with the Church of Satan a few days ago over the Central Park Five inspired TV Show When They See Us.

Nigeria is largely respected as the most powerful economy in Africa and is home to some of the few billionaires Africa has. The country is also notably home to the richest man on the African continent so it is quite surprising for a former Minister of State to make such claims.

According to Daily Trust article on the subject of Nigeria’s wealth by Adamu Abdulrahman, the writer said Nigeria as a nation “is a high-income country and is very rich. However, when you look at the earnings of its average citizens, it could be seen as a low income one, this is because a large percentage of its population is poor” and this could be the reason for the assertions of the former minister.

Femi also raised issues with crime, terrorism, and genocide in Nigeria.

Social media users were notably divided over his sentiments but with a large majority of the view that he should help fix the problems instead of becoming a fan of the problem.


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